Nursing Accessories

Nurse Your Baby with Love 

As a new mother, your decision to breast- or bottle-feed your baby is an important one. There are advantages to both, and your decision to do one or the other will depend on a variety of factors, including lifestyle, health concerns, and comfort level. Often, mothers breastfeed one child and bottle feed another. Sometimes mothers begin by breastfeeding and then switch to bottle feeding after a few weeks or months. The point is that there is no right or wrong decision. There is only what works for you!

Nonetheless, contemplating the options can be stressful, and the breadth of advice you receive on the topic can feel overwhelming. On your maternity journey, you will hear all sorts of stories from other mothers, who use their own experience to illustrate that one option—and one option only—is the best for everyone. 

The most important thing to know is that the decision and circumstances are different for every mother. What works for other moms, may or may not work for you. Do diligent research on the health benefits of both options, and educate yourself to the best of your ability. Then, step away from the online clamor and the counsel of your fellow mother friends. Take some calm time to think only for yourself: what is the better option for me? Will I be happier if I breastfeed or if I bottle feed? You may not know right away but the key is taking the time to examine what is best for you and your baby. Whatever decision you make will ultimately be the right one for you. And difficult as the decision may be, you can find assurance in the knowledge that Maternity To Mommy is here to offer you support and products for your specific feeding choice.

And for both bottle- and breastfeeding mothers, we carry the item that you absolutely must not go without: the nursing pillow. These breastfeeding pillows are built for your infant to rest on during feeding. This alleviates the burden from you—as a new mother, your arms will become plenty strong anyway! They give your darling boy or girl a soft, cozy place to rest calmly as they feed. The most fun thing about our pillows is the wide variety of colors and patterns they come in. In everything from cheerful florals to calming, subtle geometric patterns, these pillows will be as much fun for you to choose as they will be for your baby to rest on. 

And for mothers opting to nurse, there’s an even greater selection of nursing covers to choose from! In gorgeous lily patterns and upbeat geometric patterns, our breastfeeding covers are veritable fashion statements. You’ll probably want to buy a few and wear them as complements to your outfits!

Just remember, no matter how you decide to feed your baby the most important thing to remember is to do what works best for you and your baby, as well as, shopping with us at Maternity to Mommy for all your feeding necessities!