High-Quality Toys and Games to Engage Your Child

Every parent wants to give their newborn child the world. Every parent wants to shower their child with unconditional love every second of every day, wants to give them the best life has to offer, wants to grow their mind, stimulate their curiosity, and prepare them to become great thinkers. At Maternity to Mommy, we believe one of the very best ways you can stimulate the minds of your wee one is by providing them with high-quality baby toys and puzzles at an early age. 

There has been a tremendous amount of research conducted on the importance of infant toys and play to the development of the young mind. The baby toy you give your little girl or boy may provide an opportunity to learn—about shapes, colors, sights, and sounds. No matter what sort of toy it is, it might just strike a chord within your child and provide hours of fun and joy you can share together. Our chameleon puzzle, for instance, is an ideal toy for children of all ages. Infants will love the bright colors, and older kids will love putting the pieces together to reveal the cute chameleon hiding in plain sight! School-aged children will even learn how to count to fifteen—in both Spanish and English! We are committed to stocking toys like this one, which appeals to children in many age groups. 

Most of our products are wooden toys, built from eco-friendly rubberwood and painted in non-toxic stains. Our wooden baby toys, like the Begin Again Elephant Family Puzzle, are built to last many years and multiple children. When you buy from our collection of outstanding fun and educational toys, you know they will be around to be passed along to new babies...or even new generations of babies! 

In addition to wooden toys, we also carry crib toys. Crib toys don’t have sharp edges and can be left in your baby’s crib while they sleep and are perfect for calming play prior to a nap. Our stacking rings, for example, provide just the right level of stimulation to keep your baby distracted while you sneak away, while also lulling them gently into slumber. 

Some of our personal favorite toys for babies are the Dunk and Dive water toys. It can be difficult to find high-quality water toys for infants, but these colorful rubber characters deliver! These toys come in three fun shapes and three fun colors and are totally chemical and toxin-free. 

If you are looking for a game you can play with your little one, we carry a number of games that even your young ones can enjoy. The Tic Tac Toe Farm Chase Game Set is an adorable, farm-themed version of the classic game. Your child will love picking either the fox or the chicken, and trying to outsmart you! 

If your child has good hand-eye coordination, they might like to try their hand at the Balance Barn, a playset comprised of painted farm figurines that can be stacked up into impossible heights...a challenge even for the sure-handed adult! If you both tire of stacking, you can just play make-believe with the sweet cows and chickens!  

Oh, how much fun is all the toys for babies and children at Maternity to Mommy! Whether you have a precious little one at home or need a gift for a baby shower, birthday or holiday shop our fabulous toy collection now...

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