Sweet and Cozy Nursery Decor for Babies and Parents to Enjoy!

Here at Maternity to Mommy, we have everything you could need to transform a bedroom into a cozy infant wonderland for your newborn! And we know better than anyone: a big part of creating a little baby paradise is the room decor. 

The nursery will be a space where both you and your little one spend lots of time. So why not make the space as cozy and welcoming as possible for the two of you? We have plenty of baby nursery ideas to share with you and invite you to browse our selections!

To keep little and large feet warm alike, take a look at our colorful nursery rugs. Most rugs have designs on them and serve as playspaces for your little one as he or she learns to sit up, crawl, and walk. From dinosaurs to farm scenes, you can find a rug to satisfy any childhood fascination!

We adore crib mobiles and carry a large collection of gorgeous baby mobiles that will keep your new girl or boy awestruck for hours! Our mobiles feature peacefully sleeping birds, colorful feathers, and sweet bears in calming colors that will match any baby room decor. 

Be sure not to forget a nursery lamp! This might be the most important item you put in your baby room. It will prevent accidental nighttime stumbles and tumbles, plus it will help you find what you need in the middle of the night. We love calming colors and so our White & Gray Stripe Nursery Lamp is our go-to. 

For the most comfortable nursery decor, pick up some gorgeous baby pillows! Our pillows come in all sorts of colorful and engaging shapes and are soft enough to put even the most unwilling boy or girl right to sleep! You might even want to buy a baby pillow for yourself for the hours you spend nursing, holding, or rocking your little angel. 

As you finish getting your nursery in place, don’t forget to adorn the walls with some nursery wall decor too! Your baby can’t tell time yet, but you certainly can and will appreciate having a clock in the room when your arms aren’t free to check your watch. Choose a design you and your little girl or boy will love. When the time comes, they can learn how to tell time by it!

A final piece of nursery decor is a set of curtains. We carry curtains in a variety of delightful, child-friendly designs that are meant to match designs on other items in our store. You will find baby bedding and crib bumpers with identical patterns, so you can have a cohesive look throughout the room, from crib to window!

Don’t wait until the last moment to find your nursery decor! You will be much happier securing all your nursery accents and decor well ahead of time, so when your baby finally arrives, you won’t have to worry about bedding or curtains. Shop our selection of decor items today at Maternity to Mommy!