Essentials to Build a Beautiful Baby Nursery 

Before your bundle of joy arrives, you’ll need to transform a room in your home into a welcoming baby nursery perfect for your new bundle of joy! You’ll want to have all the necessities to complete your baby’s room including adorable baby bedding, functional baby furniture, and of course, a baby bassinet too. Creating a beautiful nursery for your baby, of course, is lots of fun for expectant parents—you could spend hours browsing Maternity to Mommy’s many nursery ideas!

Designing your baby’s nursery is a necessary part of your preparation for parenthood. You need to make sure you have all the gear to help you and your baby through their first few months at home. Purchasing your crib bedding sets, portable bassinet, and the baby room decor will help you prepare mentally for the arrival of a new family member! Take time to complete this important step, so that when the baby finally arrives, you feel confident and well-equipped.

One of the most important nursery needs is your crib bedding. We carry a wide assortment of baby bedding and crib sheets that are as cozy as they are cute. You can mix and match crib bedding or buy the full baby crib set. And don’t forget crib bumpers, the soft padding you put around the sides of a crib, to keep your precious little one safe and comfortable while sleeping. Our crib bumpers come in the same patterns and styles as our baby bedding and crib sheets, so you will have a lovely, matching set. No matter what your taste and what your pattern preference, we have an adorable set of baby bedding to suit you!

One of our favorite pieces of nursery furniture is the bassinet. Bassinets are elegant, traditional baby beds with canopies to keep light and sound out, giving your loved one the peaceful rest they deserve. We have a large collection of baby bassinets and portable bassinets. All our bassinets come with bassinet sheets. Plus, our portable bassinets and bedside bassinets have wheels, making it simple to transport when you’re in other rooms of your home. This will make it easier to keep an eye on your baby in any room. That’s elegance plus convenience, something we at Maternity to Mommy are all about! And if a baby cradle is what you’re after, our portable bassinets doubles as a cozy baby cradle so you can rock your sweet one to sleep. 

If you seek something more portable still than the portable bassinet, we carry another delightful type of baby bed: the Moses Basket. Moses baskets are sturdy, woven baskets, which you can bring everywhere with you, so your little one can rest no matter where you are.

We love it when everything matches and coordinates! That’s why we’re excited to carry a lovely collection of themed baby bedding sets, including the Baby Owl Collection, the Fox and Finch Collection, as well as, the Wishing Tree Collection. In each of these collections, you will find gorgeous bedding, blankets, and toys with matching graphics and color palettes. 

Don’t forget to browse our collection nursery must-haves including changing tables, storage benches, hampers and decor too. These are especially important pieces of baby room decor and we’re sure you’ll find the right essentials to finish off the space. Our changing tables are built to last and come in many different shapes and colors, so you are getting quality and style all in one! We also offer a collection of decorative changing pad covers to coordinate with your baby room decor. The storage benches we offer are great to use for years to come to store anything from diapers, blankets, toys, books or anything you might need as baby grows. Don’t forget you are sure to need a hamper to store all of the dirty baby clothes too. Bring everything together in the room with our variety of cute baby decor – from mobiles, curtains, lamps, pillows, rugs and wall clocks – you’ll find adorable accessories you and your baby will love! 

For more nursery ideas, visit our entire nursery collection and browse through the nursery decor, baskets, and furniture at Maternity to Mommy. We are sure you will find all the essentials you’ll need to outfit your dream baby nursery!