Maternity Clothes and Pillows to Keep You Stylish and Comfortable Throughout Your Pregnancy 

Your maternity might be the most fulfilling, challenging, and unique nine months of your life. Your body undergoes incredible changes and does things you never thought possible. During those nine months, you create and carry new life, preparing your baby to emerge, perfect and innocent, into the world. You will also find yourself not fitting into your clothes, getting mysterious cravings, and becoming very sleepy at odd times. These changes, while not necessarily comfortable or fun to endure. They are all just part of the process of growing a brand-new life inside you, and soon all these changes will become distant memories as soon as your new bundle of joy arrives. That’s why Maternity to Mommy is here to help you through the many stages of pregnancy and motherhood. We want to help keep you looking stylish, feeling comfortable and oh-so confident as you go from “maternity to mommy”! 

We understand this is a magical time, and you should treat it as such. You will want to remember this beautiful period in your life. Down the line, after your baby has arrived and your mind is occupied with day-to-day tasks. So do things like take pregnancy photos, spend quality time with your loved ones, and invest in high-quality maternity clothing. 

Often, expecting mothers wait too long before getting their maternity clothing, and find themselves outfitted in uncomfortable clothes that are too tight for too long. Spending even a week in undersized clothes can cause you pain. That’s why we recommend looking into maternity clothing once you start to feel your regular clothes getting a little tight. This way, you avoid reaching the tipping point where you become uncomfortable and must run to a baby store at the last minute and pick out maternity clothes you are not excited about. Rather than doing that, take the time now to shop our collection of adorable and high-quality maternity clothes and supplies. 

During the day, you can show off your gorgeous baby bump with our large collection of incredibly comfortable, incredibly chic maternity wear. Take a look at our long sleeve maternity tops for cooler days. They come in warm, chocolate brown and bubble gum pink. Plus, these shirts will add a fun “pop of color” to your closet and they are great to take you from early fall into spring!

For warmer days, you will want to peruse our collection of maternity tanks. These maternity shirts come in all sorts of colors, from vibrant blues to subtle subtle sand, plus they each have a different fun pregnancy message on the front. Each tank shows off your bump, though, with the word “bump” printed right across it! 

Finally, for weather somewhere between hot and cold, we have a number of short-sleeved maternity tops in a variety of cuts and colors. Our scoop neck shirts are great for nights out, while our v-necks are great for errands and getting things done around the house. Just remember, pregnancy clothes don’t have to be boring-looking!

When nighttime comes, no pregnant woman should go without a pregnancy pillow! Pregnancy pillows come in many different shapes and sizes and effectively alleviate pressure from parts of the body that are impacted by your growing baby bump. Pregnancy body pillows alleviate strain on the back by sliding under your belly and carrying some of its weight. A full body pillow can also help with joint pain and other discomforts. Getting quality sleep is incredibly important during your pregnancy, and for some expecting mothers, our body pillows are the only way to get it. Body pillows come in all different colors and are full-body sized, so you get the support you need from top to bottom. 

We want your pregnancy to be as joyous, healthy, and comfortable as possible. That’s why Maternity to Mommy stocks only the best products designed to make you a happy mommy-to-be!