Baby Apparel

Cute and Comfortable Baby Apparel 

As a new parent, you want your baby to look and feel their best. That goes beyond just picking out the cutest onezies or the most stylish baby hat. Fashion is one thing, but comfort and utility are another. If your baby's clothing is uncomfortable, then your baby will be uncomfortable, too. That’s why it’s so important to invest in well-made infant clothes, and this is why Maternity to Mommy offers only high-quality, long-lasting clothing for your little bundle of joy. We have all the necessities, so your visit to our baby apparel department can be a one-stop-shop: from super cute and comfy baby leggingsbaby bibs and baby onezies. We have you and your little one covered!

The cornerstone of a baby’s wardrobe is the baby onezie. Easy and versatile, our baby bodysuits are made of cotton and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and with a number of different sleeve-lengths. Buy one or multiple as part of a pack. The little bodysuits may be simple but they are a true necessity when it comes to comfort and convenience in baby clothing. 

You will have loads of fun browsing our selection of baby leggings, which come in every color, pattern, and theme under the sun. Leggings are perfect complements to an adorable bodysuit and will keep your child’s legs and feet warm and cozy during play and naps. Whether you have a baby boy or girl, we have a variety of adorable leggings perfect for either one! Shop now for the upcoming holiday seasons with our fun Halloween-themed or the Christmas Sweater inspired baby leggings. Or if you have a future football player or ballernia you’ll love our leggings as we have a pair for every occasion!

It is so important to get the right baby pajamas for your newborn. You will be spending nights up together, and you’ll want to be sure there is nothing standing between your baby and a good night’s rest. We carry some incredibly cozy baby sleepers, which will keep your baby warm and comfortable all night long. We can’t guarantee they’ll sleep through the night, but we can guarantee they’ll be snug! 

Baby hats are must-haves for new parents. They are critical to the comfort and warmth of your little one, and it’s best to buy a few so they are always on hand. We have newborn hats for every occasion and in every color, including cap and bootie sets for added warmth! 

New parents will very quickly recognize the utility and necessity of bibs. Every new parent has a few burp cloths in their laundry at any given time! It is best to never find yourself without a burp cloth, and when you shop with us you can pick up as many as you need! The collection we offer come in a wide range of colors and shapes. Keep yourself and your little one spick and span with a high-quality baby bib. 

Most baby apparel is utilitarian, but sometimes, as a parent, you just want to dress your baby up in something fun! Our baby bloomers allow you to do just that. Our bloomers are ruffled and come in fun, bright colors your baby will love. At a party, they’ll be the center of attention, and at home, they’ll be the life of their own party! Don’t forget about those photo ops as well – your little princess will look oh so cute. Pick up a pair of bloomers for special occasions and for “just because” occasions! 

Count on Maternity to Mommy for the very best in baby clothing. Browse our collections today!