All the Accessories You Need For Your Baby!

Becoming a new parent is difficult enough without having to worry about all the little details down the line in the coming months. You are just focused on getting your newborn home and getting a good night’s sleep. Everything else can wait. Unfortunately, the “everything else” can’t wait for long! Before you know it, you’ll be needing lots of new items and accessories for your baby. The good news is that Maternity to Mommy has thought of it all and carries it all! 

We are committed to stocking all of the little necessities that you might not think about right away. Of course, you remember to outfit your nursery, browse our selection of the cutest baby apparel, and pick out the coolest maternity clothes for yourself. But do you remember to purchase a baby high chair, pick up baby washcloths, and secure yourself some pregnancy safe skin care? While fun to shop for, decorations aren’t the only things you’ll need to welcome your newborn into your life! 

One thing that many expectant mothers can overlook is their skin care. So much happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy—who has time to think about her skin care routine?! But it is incredibly important for expecting moms to take care of their skin. Ensuring you are moisturized is not only good for your skin—and your expanding pregnancy belly! That’s why it is important to have quality stretch mark cream onhand as your belly grows! We carry a large line of the best skin care products, including facial cleanser and moisturizer. Check out our collection and take care of your beautiful skin so it glows.

Another aspect of parenthood that we often don’t think about until the last minute are baths! We are so focused on setting up the baby’s nursery, having enough diapers, creating the perfect sleep schedule and having lots of adorable baby clothing that we don’t even think about that first baby bath until it’s already upon us! Luckily for you, we have the bath accessories you’ll need to keep your baby squeaky clean! Including soft baby washcloths perfect for washing your baby’s delicate skin, as well as, hooded baby towels and robes that are sure to stay on your little one’s head, no matter how much they squirm and wriggle! 

When it comes to feeding your baby you’ll want them to be comfortable and safe – that’s why we offer a collection of solid, well-made high chairs! We carry a variety of chairs to suit every baby, every age, and every environment. You might be seeking a highly supportive high chair with a large tray, or perhaps a more compact, wooden high chair that doubles as a regular baby chair when they’re younger but also great for older children too. Pick out a nice chair now and your baby’s first meal of solid food will be all the more enjoyable.

We know the “to-buy” list for new parents can be overwhelming. That’s why Maternity to Mommy is committed to stocking it all, so we can be your one-stop-shop on your way to parenthood! Check out our accessories today and be prepared for tomorrow!